Skip to main content. The keys are almost flat. I think around here, they’re referred to as the black Dell keyboards, the bezelless Dell keyboards, or simply as “those awful Dells”. For example, you could move the number pad to the left side for ease of reach. Rubberdomes though are also softer on your fingers, where MX, scissors and particularly ALPS switches are quite harsh, for those who can’t help but bottom out. I’m not very graceful and although MX browns feel deliciously tactile when you adjust to them correctly as I do sometimes, for fleeting moments , I like something stiffer, but not quite as heavy going as buckling spring or XMs though the former is great fun to pound away on.

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If that keyboard is what I think it is, then it is not that new and I have tried it. It does it’s job well. Custom firmware, Swedish layout. Item appears to be new with no cosmetic issues with original packaging. Wed, 22 December It was followed by the Dell KBof which one variant was also manufactured by Primax. The price may be the seller’s own price elsewhere or another seller’s price.

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Maybe with Topre you’re let off from having LED bleed. The previous model, in jet black, is pointlessly stiff and rubbery in feeling — can’t stand them.

Blue LEDs are a nice touch. They nail the no bezel look unlike the older “rattraps” by maintaining clean lines and keeping protrusions to a minimum, something the older “rattraps” failed at miserably.

Choosing layouts to completely replace the old IBM layout, though, is a whole other topic. I can’t comment on the Sk variant though.

Dell USB Keyboard Kb1421 0M372H

Especially the previous midnight grey ones, with the softer keys. Please login or register. Google Images tells me that the SK is the later, jet black rattler — maybe it’s country or batch dependent, as the jet black ones I’ve used have all been particularly stiff.

Christmas break is looming fast! The keyboard is so nice, I think I’m starting to understand why Topres are so popular!

And the old ones “rattraps”I will say, sucked, though I don’t hate my SK that much. Show More Show Less.

Dell KB1421

Any Condition Any Condition. The one on the next desk appears free from this mistake. Overall, I think they’re really nice looking keyboards.

Thu, 23 December Did you miss your activation email? Ones that are in decent condition are usable, but the ones that have some wear or damage are pretty horrible alright. The expense is just far too great to warrant my buying one as a test!

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Then I’d have to decide whether Linux or Windows 7 would be more excruciating. And the old ones “rattletraps”I will say, sucked.

Dell L30U – Deskthority wiki

Keys felt cheap, the legends were thin and cheap, the whole thing looked cheap in general, the thing was featherweight and lacked a metal backplate can you say cheap? The following example was manufactured in April For the last one, any one of us who’s ever been in a computer lab or in an office environment that uses Dells would probably immediate know what’s being referred to. Have you read the geekhack TOS lately? Tue, keybkard December Should have calibrated my camera’s white balance first, but, oh well.

The top of the keyboard is not presentable, and a large number of keys have been stripped of their legends.

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