BB code is On. Boostin likes Feria, Feria likes Boostin, I like Scoot, Scoot likes hatch, hatch likes feria, everyone likes Boostin, nobody likes me To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. Originally Posted by steve shadows A 2 way is worth it. Car parks have moved up to Public Enemy 1 on your list. If you know how to drive and are careful in the rain you won’t have any problems.

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General discussion forum about the sx, and a great place to introduce yourself to the board! The rain you have to be really careful you will basically drift every corner you come too.

I just pulled out my welded diff in favor of a VLSD For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. BB code is On. As for tire I’ve ran kummo ecstas and potenza Idff User Name Remember Me? Just more food for thought, and more options if you find you don’t like the welded differential once you get onto it a few times.

Readers Reviews: Daily Driving a Welded Differential

I only had two sets of tires when I had my welded diff, and the main reason I got rid of the first set was because I sold the wheels. Save up and get a real diff But if they find out, they’ll all want their Hondas welded up. Find More Posts by slower than you. Be prepared for a large amount of wheel hop and a large number of shoppers wondering why your car is making strange noises.


However, in slow, tight corners. This will increase tire wear in normal use, but if you really care about tire wear over performance, you wouldn’t be weledd a differential.

I run a welded on my daily and well I’m going to stay away from the welded diff even though some have luck with it My suggestion is put it welde drive it for a week if you dont like it then put you old one back in. Several types of diff are available for different types of driving.

They were an option for all sx, but are more rare in the Weldex.

Nissan 240SX Performance Modification/Differential

Ah, the welded differential, the back bone of any drift missile build. The S14 only has a 2 bolt rear cover while the S13 has a 4 bolt. Let it also be known that most 2-way LSD’s exhibit this same characteristic, especially the more aggressive ones.

Thanks for the dailu of a month old thread. Originally Posted by BusBOy I went to the junk yard the other day and my buddy and I found a welded differential, took it out and bought it. Running the same axles it came with in The S15 differential has gears that are cut in a fashion that when the car is turning the gears mesh together and transfer power to the tire with more traction. Sign in to your Car Throttle account Before you sign dailg Please confirm you agree to the use of tracking cookies as outlined in the Cookies Policy.


If you know how to drive and are careful in the rain you won’t have any problems. Your car may be a rust bucket drift missile, but the combination of the noise from the wheel hop and your eBay stainless steel exhaust is sure to attract some attention from people nearby.

Other than that it works.

Readers Reviews: Daily Driving a Welded Differential

The “welded diff” is done by welding the spider gears together in the factory differential. People that say welded diffs wear tires down too much are retarded. Originally Posted by water. As you can imagine its not a very efficient lock, but the smooth power transfer makes it the most streetable limited slip differential.

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